MCAD grads, art prompts, networking, and support

Greetings from your Minneapolis Bound Orlandian!!
Yay! A new place to bother my friends at! I almost can't believe that I'm calling myself an alumni. Where in the hell did those 3 years go!? But I'm super excited; I've gotta fend for myself now in the "real" world and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with my awesome new skills, lol! Congrats to everyone who trudged on through and made it through the tunnel!!! We did it guys!! We f**ckin'g DID IT!!! *grabs pom poms* Fricka fracka fire cracka' tis boom ba!!! MCAD MCAD, RAH RAH RAH!!!!

The First Weekly Art Prompt- Music!
So how does it feel to be all graduated, everyone?! 

The first prompt is to make some sort of visual response, illustration, comic, etc. to a specific song or piece of music. You can do something based on the lyrics of a song, or based on the feeling or message you get from listening it. If you have a particular song in mind, go for it, or try mixing it up by picking a song at random! 

This will be "due" one week from now, on Monday before Midnight (though points will not be taken off if it's unfinished or a little late ;). Please make your own post to the community with the tag "music." It would be awesome if you could include a YouTube video or other streaming version of the song that you chose so that we can see what inspired your artwork. Then you and your fellow mcad grads will be able to discuss the work in the comments to the post. 

Please feel free to discuss ideas, ask for feedback on work in progress, or a tell a funny story about that thing your dog did yesterday! 


Getting to know you!
Hi everyone!!

I'd like to know what you guys like to do and want out of this community, so I  made up a questionnaire!  We have a bunch of ideas for weekly themes, but if you have any ideas or goals or suggestions, please let us know!

-What was your major at MCAD?
-What's your favorite media(s)?
-What are your favorite things to draw/themes in your artwork?
-What kinds of things would you like to make/learn about now that you have FREE TIME? (WOW, what is that??)
-What'cha up to this summer?
-If you could be any kind of sea creature, what would you be and why?
-Two random facts about yourself!

Greetings MCAD-ettes
Welcome to the MCAD graduate support group. Do you have more time after school? Do you have less time after school? Can you not think of anything to draw? We can help!

This community will have weekly drawing prompts, offer critiques on finished pieces, and hopefully simulate that MCAD experience (now with less debt and more sleep!). We hope you, as members will contribute art and let us all know how you're doing now that you've graduated from the 'CAD.

For those of you in the area, we encourage you to follow our blog and join us for meetups, sketchparties and more.


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