MCAD grads, art prompts, networking, and support

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Greetings from your Minneapolis Bound Orlandian!!
neo_sairys wrote in after_mcad
Yay! A new place to bother my friends at! I almost can't believe that I'm calling myself an alumni. Where in the hell did those 3 years go!? But I'm super excited; I've gotta fend for myself now in the "real" world and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with my awesome new skills, lol! Congrats to everyone who trudged on through and made it through the tunnel!!! We did it guys!! We f**ckin'g DID IT!!! *grabs pom poms* Fricka fracka fire cracka' tis boom ba!!! MCAD MCAD, RAH RAH RAH!!!!

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Congratulations to you too, darlin'!!!! You made it out alive with some kick-ass animation!!!

*places hand on side of your head*

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