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The First Weekly Art Prompt- Music!
staaarfish wrote in after_mcad
So how does it feel to be all graduated, everyone?! 

The first prompt is to make some sort of visual response, illustration, comic, etc. to a specific song or piece of music. You can do something based on the lyrics of a song, or based on the feeling or message you get from listening it. If you have a particular song in mind, go for it, or try mixing it up by picking a song at random! 

This will be "due" one week from now, on Monday before Midnight (though points will not be taken off if it's unfinished or a little late ;). Please make your own post to the community with the tag "music." It would be awesome if you could include a YouTube video or other streaming version of the song that you chose so that we can see what inspired your artwork. Then you and your fellow mcad grads will be able to discuss the work in the comments to the post. 

Please feel free to discuss ideas, ask for feedback on work in progress, or a tell a funny story about that thing your dog did yesterday! 



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